We heard you need a place to hang out…

We know it is tough right now for new parent groups to meet so we are offering our play room for free! We have a warm, child friendly room that is perfect for letting parents catch up and we would like to offer it to our local new parents that are struggling to find a place.  We have chairs, change tables, toilets, coffee, TV and plenty of space for prams!

There is onsite parking so your exposure to the freezing winter days will be limited.

You don’t have to be part of the swim school to book and nor is there an obligation to join us here at Southern Swim School.

Why are we doing this at our own expense? What’s the catch?

The main reason for doing this is simply to provide a community service. We have spoken to some parents in recent times who are new at the parenting role and have been challenged with the isolation that COVID has bought about. We absolutely think it is a great way of showing off our swim centre too but it’s not the main reason for giving out complimentary space. We would love to do our bit (no matter how small) to encourage parents to start to safely catch up with other parents.

Stuff you need to know…

  • All the current COVID19 social distancing restrictions will still apply and the space will be cleaned down after each parent group has finished catching up.
  • For safety reasons the actual pool is not part of the space on offer. If your group would like to book a group swimming session then we would love to have you… just let the onsite staff know and we can tailor something for your group.
  • All catch ups are limited to an hour and fifteen minutes. There will be 2 time slots avail on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for you to choose from, either 12pm-1:15pm or 1:30pm-2:45pm.
  • We currently have a maximum allowable limit of 24 people. This head count includes babies.
  • Feel free to bring your own food and drinks but please do the right thing and clean up any mess after your group has finished. Barista made coffee available to purchase on site.
  • If you wish to hold some sort of organised activity here in your booking time you are more than welcome, perhaps a baby yoga, first aid, information or entertainment session. Please let us know in advance who would be attending so we can approve and get the appropriate insurances from them.
  • You don’t have to be an official “mother’s group” type of group to book it. Any groups of friends who are looking for somewhere to catch up with their kids ….out of the cold…. are welcome.

How do we book?

So to book, all you have to do is organise your group and decide on a time. Then one member of your group just click on the time and day that you wish to book in on the calendar on this page. Your main contact person will need to add some contact details, they will then be emailed a confirmation. If you wish to use the “Add Guests” function on the booking site you can and we can send an email to any other addresses you wish to include.