Private Swimming Lessons

Private lessons will ensure classes are tailored to your child’s specific needs and that 100% commitment will be given to further develop their skills, techniques and abilities in the water. We offer private lessons as an additional class to your child’s regular swimming classes at Southern Swim School. Private lessons will be taught by quality instructors and will provide value for money in achieving best outcomes for your child’s development.

Holiday Fast Track Intensive Clinics

Our Intensive Holiday Program is a burst of daily intensive classes during the school holidays. It is a great way to fast-track a child’s swimming skills and abilities as they practise and reinforce the techniques daily. It is a well-researched fact that a short burst of intensive learning accelerates motor skill development. Quite often children will progress at least one swimming level in our program with a 2 weeks commitment to swimming during the school holidays.  It’s also a wonderful way to keep your calendars full and your kids expending energy in the school holidays!

Stroke and Skill Specific Classes

Southern Swim School endeavour to assist all children who are having difficulties in certain areas of their swimming development. Breaststroke and Butterfly techniques can often be difficult and complex to learn and become technically competent. Instead of having our swimmers development come to a halt , we offer these additional classes to help push your swimmer along as these skills are  isolated and practised repeatedly.

Adult Learn to Swim

It is never too late to Learn how to Swim! Learning to Swim as an adult is a huge accomplishment and an extremely rewarding experience, however at Southern Swim School we are aware that it can also be an extremely confronting challenge.

The Southern Swim School Adult program will be taught by experienced, qualified and passionate staff in a welcoming, relaxed and friendly environment. All fundamental swimming skills will be taught in a calm and progressive way to meet the needs of even the most nervous adult swimmers. We guarantee results with consistency and huge smiles along the way!

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