COVID Management

At Southern Swim School, we take the health and safety of all of our customers very seriously. We have worked hard to ensure that our Facility and program are COVID safe. There are some measures that we have put in place moving forward to ensure that we remain COVID safe.

Swim and Go:

  • We ask everyone to arrive ready to swim where possible to limit changing in the Centre. We understand that this won’t be possible with some of our youngest swimmers in the program.
  • We ask for 1 parent per swimmer to attend lessons. There will be an exemption for our baby and toddler classes, where one parent will be able to participate in the lesson, with one spectator also permitted.
  • Showers will be used for a quick wash off only. This will assist in traffic control and physical distancing in the Centre.

Advanced Hygiene:

  • Sanitising of surfaces every 30 minutes in the Centre
  • Disinfection of all areas every night
  • Hand hygiene stations throughout the Centre
  • State of the art Chlorine, UV and water treatment

Physical Distancing:

  • We are permitted to have 51 people in the pool area, and 50 people in the Reception and viewing areas. This means a total of 101 people in our Centre at any time. As our program was only just starting out, this will not impact us running our full program that we were prior to closure. We ask that everyone adheres to physical distancing measures at all times.
  • Physical distancing seating stickers throughout Centre, and standing stickers at Reception. Please keep one family to a sticker, and be mindful of others.
  • Physical distancing of adults within the water. Swimmers are not required to be physically distanced from each other, however please don’t send your child with any symptoms of sickness.
  • Improved teaching practices: Teachers will use only necessary contact. In saying this, Learn to Swim has been classified as contact, and teachers will use contact teaching where required for both safety and learning development purposes.


  • Direct Debit contactless payment or tap and go within the Centre
  • Southern Swim Customer Portal, which allows customers to view bookings, book make up classes online, manage payment details, and monitor children’s progress.
  • Online staff training and video tutorials


  • Staff to be temperature checked before each shift
  • Strict rostering measures in place. Replacement teachers will be provided when staff members show any symptoms of sickness. Unfortunately, this does go against everything we aim to deliver in our program with teacher consistency, but we will still do our absolute best to have our staff healthy, so that our teaching can stay consistent!!!

Swimmers and Families:

  • We are required to keep a log of visitors into the Centre on a daily basis. Our computer software program will manage this for us. However if you do have grandparents or anyone else bringing your child to lessons, please ensure they sign in with us at the front desk.
  • Please do not send your child with any signs of sickness, or if they have been exposed to anyone who is COVID19 positive, or awaiting a test.


If you have any questions or feedback regarding our COVID management, please feel free to drop us a line or call us.

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