Southern Swim School is a dedicated Learn to Swim school, for children of all ages. Our program combines quality teaching with a challenging, modern and progressive curriculum and small teacher to student ratios. We do not use swimming flotation aids in our curriculum and our program is tested and proven. We believe that a fun and challenging experience will make your children more motivated to succeed.

Our program focusses on progression. Students are placed in classes according to their skill base and ability, rather than their age. We have five main streams – Foundations, Independence, Technique, Development and Squads – each consisting of several levels. In each level of swimming, there will be a focus on technique and continual up-skilling

Student progress is continually monitored by supervisors and recorded using tablet computers, and can be tracked in our online portal. Within each level of our Learn to Swim Program, there will be specific personal Aquatic survival skills included in our skill sets. These Aquatic survival skills will be introduced at age and skill appropriate levels, and will be progressive and ongoing throughout our program.

We are strong believers in raising awareness and instilling these very important Aquatic Survival skills to ensure that our children develop the necessary skills to stay safe in all Aquatic environments. Southern Swim School will participate annually in the Swim Australia ‘Swim Safer’ initiative.













Our Squids class is for babies between the ages of 4 months – maximum 18 months. In this class, we focus on water conditioning, breath control, free float submersions and back floating. We introduce all of our Safety Skills in this level. We place a huge focus on teaching our parents correct water techniques, so you have maximum and correct practise time in the water. While we are teaching these skills, there is lots of fun and bonding with parent and baby throughout each class. Our little Squids who meet the competency based criteria of the class will be assessed and moved into our Starfish class.

Our Starfish class is for toddlers between the ages of 15 months – 30 months (36 month maximum age). Our Starfish classes are the perfect progression from our Squids class, the skill set for our Starfish class is very high and our swimmers are challenged throughout their learning. Our Starfish are working on extended breath control and longer independent swims with relaxed and natural propulsion. Our safety skills of recovering back to the wall, and rolling to float will be advanced upon. It is our aim that by the time our swimmers are 2 years and 6 months old that they will be working towards  water independence. Our swimmer’s level of independence will be heavily dependent on  what age they start with us, consistency of classes and how relaxed parents are in helping our swimmers acquire these skills.
For our advance Starfish swimmers who are meeting the criteria of the Starfish class before the age of 2 years and 6 months, we have a Transition Class that we may move our swimmers to. For information on our transition class, please click here.

Our Turtles class is the final class in the Foundations stream, this will allow your child to transition into classes by themselves without a parent in the water. When starting the Southern Swim program as a baby, it is our aim to have our tiny swimmers possessing the skills to be ready for this next challenge at a young age. For that reason we will ensure a small student ratio with a maximum of 3 swimmers in each class.

Foundations Levels

  • Squids (4 months+): 30 minutes (1:6 ratio + parents in the water)
  • Starfish: 30 minutes (1:6 ratio + parent in the water)
  • Turtles: 30 minutes (1:3 ratio)


Ensure that your child has the skills to swim safely and independently across all aquatic environments. At Southern Swim, there is a large focus on instilling the correct skills and technique into our little swimmers from a young age so that they can learn to navigate the water with ease and enjoyment. While mastering water independence, swimmers will establish correct breath control, head and body position and kicking technique allowing them to gain effective propulsion through the water, and master their floating and safety skills. The Southern Swim little swimmers will be relaxed and display a love of the water and swimming lessons, laying the best platform for their next step of learning the swimming strokes with excitement and ease.

At Southern Swim School, we highly recommend and encourage two lessons per week to maximise skill acquisition, confidence and learning outcomes. We value and promote  parents expectations of lessons to be high, however we also strongly believe that commitment to consistent and quality swimming lessons will ensure that expectations are not only met but exceeded. With this commitment to swimming, we are extremely confident in promising that your baby will be capable of swimming independently at a very young age.

Independence Levels

  • Penguins: 30 minute classes 1: 3 ratio
  • Crocodiles: 30 minute classes 1:4 ratio


Once the fundamental swimming skills have been learned and built upon, introducing our growing swimmers to the four strokes of swimming will be the easy part. In these levels, swimmers will learn Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly techniques. These skills will be introduced throughout our levels ensuring that all techniques are practiced and reinforced correctly and introduced at the right time for our swimmers development.

These classes will always aim to challenge our swimmers to achieve and progress with their skills and competence in the water. We understand that children’s abilities, learning styles and motivators are individual, and our program is set up to cater for consistency but also flexibility to ensure we meet individual needs and goals.  At Southern Swim we  value the importance of all swimmers continually progressing and maintaining their motivation and enjoyment for swimming lessons.

Technique Levels

  • Platypus: 30 minute classes (1:4 teacher to student ratio)
  • Dolphin: 30 minute classes (1:4 teacher to student ratio)


Our Stroke Development classes fine tune freestyle and backstroke technique, while using drills to break down the elements that make up a technically sound breaststroke and butterfly. As the Stroke development levels progress, so too does the aerobic base through proper and efficient swimming.

In these levels, our swimmers are recognizing their potential in the water and that swimming training in the right environment, can be really fun! At Southern Swim we are striving to inspire our swimmers to become technically correct across all of their strokes, as well as introducing skills such as correct starts, turns and finishes, squad etiquette and racing techniques.

In these levels, we often recognize that swimmers may encounter individual difficulties in certain areas of their skill development. When this becomes the case, we also offer our swimmers additional stroke specific classes to give your child that extra push along in any areas that they may require it.

Development Levels

  • Orcas: 30 minutes (1:6 teacher to student)
  • Sharks: 45 minutes (1:8 teacher to student)


Southern Squads will cater for all of our developing swimming superstars with two levels of competitive squads as well as a Swim Fit Squad.

We anticipate the arrival of our swimming superstars who have come through our Southern Swim program at a young and enthusiastic age!  We aim to have our swimmers reach this point in our program prior to competing at their first school swimming carnival! When your little 7 and 8 year old swimmers  are able to head off to their first swimming carnivals and compete in 50 metre races in different events, it is not only a huge milestone for them, but also a huge confidence booster and social achievement. We always encourage our parents to let their children get to this point in our program before making any child led decisions to stop swimming! In our decades of experience, we have seen thousands of children come back to their lessons after their first swimming carnival ready to show an even higher level of commitment to the sport!

Our squad swimmers at Southern Swim will be required to meet a certain criteria for each of the levels, which will be a combination of technique, aerobic based and speed based training. Our squad program will be challenging, progressive and delivered by experienced and qualified swimming coaches. Swimmers will continue to work on technical competencies across all swimming strokes as well as racing techniques, turns, starts and finishes.


  • Southern Mini’s: 1 hour- minimum of 2 sessions per week- 3 recommended

Additional Classes

Southern Swim School also offers a range of additional classes, including private lessons, holiday clinics and adult learn-to-swim classes.

See our Additional Classes page to learn more about these options.

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